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LAWL Keeping my shitty flash

2007-08-18 17:19:26 by SpecterX3

Friends told me to keep it on here because it's epic passing of Newgrounds is that to be remembered of.

LAWL I made a shitty flash

2007-08-18 06:26:21 by SpecterX3

Ya. I made this to piss a friend of mine on another forum off and it worked spectacularly. Expect it to be deleted within the next week or so if it is not blammed already.


2007-08-15 23:55:01 by SpecterX3

Wow, Clock Day is today. AND I'VE BEEN GONE LIKE FOREVER AND COULDN'T MAKE A FLASH! I can't disappoint B though, so I made up a little something at the last minute so I would not regret it later. It technically is my first submission to Newgrounds, so I suppose that I screwed up considering I didn't work very hard on it. Oh well, I have a few ideas for projects so hopefully I can get to making some better flash soon.

~Specter Out

Finally Making Flash

2007-08-04 05:01:17 by SpecterX3

Yo, I'm Specter. I've been here for awhile, but I've just recently started doing flash hence me being slightly active on Newgrounds. My first flash movie is a fan work for a forum I frequent known as I hope that it doesn't get blammed because I really am putting a lot of work into it and I have a lot of people from the site supporting it. I haven't worked with flash much before this and it has been a learning experience the whole way through. I just hope the final product is up to the expectations that it now has.

~Specter Out